Ecological parking lot of the MRC Brome-Missisquoi
Final report - field test of bioretention cell behavior

The Green Municipal Fund financed the research group made up of IRDA, the MRC and Vinci Consultants to document the performance of bioretention cells on a parking lot.

The report presents

  1. the technical data of the project: location, cell sizing method, choice of materials and plants,
  2. photos of the implementation and the problems encountered,
  3. the bioretention maintenance procedures,
  4. experimental monitoring objectives and methodology,
  5. analysis of experimental results and discussion,
  6. discussion of plant growth and comparative budget analysis.

ENVIRONMENT NETWORK - Technical Committee Sustainable Rainwater Management

The committee’s mandate is to ”create and promote a culture of sustainable stormwater management specific to the Quebec reality”.

Marie Dugue, Eng. is responsible for the sub-committee Extension and documentation for implementation. A BMP implementation guide will be issued as part of this mandate.

Pascale Rouille, M.Urb. participates in the Promotion and Information Dissemination subcommittee, which organizes a training day on stormwater management.


American Society of Civil Engineers - Monitoring of a Rain Garden in Cold Climate: Case Study of a Parking lot near Montreal and
Master's degree: Experimental evaluation of the performance of a rain garden and a green roof in cold climates

As part of this project, Vinci Consultants funded two MITACS grants to carry out the experimental study and then supervised the master’s work of a Polytechnique student, Nicolas Genehiau.

The team made up of the École Polytechnique, the University of Montreal and Vinci Consultants wrote a scientific article.